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ATİNA DeathKO Server Features & All Details

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DeathKO Administrator
19 Ara 2016

Hello OSKO,
DeathKO - Knight Online Private Server has an 11-year history in the sector. For years, we have served globally in the field of MYKO and we have succeeded in making our name as the largest platform in this field for years. DeathKO, which has thousands of local and foreign players, will be with you in the new year with its new server DeathKO. Get ready for a long-term adventure led by our professional management team. You do not have any worries as a pleasant environment will be waiting for you with DeathKO server where struggle will not end even for a moment and you can feel the taste of MYKO to the fullest. We will be delighted to host you on this platform at 22:00 (GMT+3) on Friday, January 01.

Our server will not have a public Beta. On January 01, 2021 - 22:00(GMT+3), we will officially open. In order to have more detailed information about our new server, I recommend you to carefully review this topic we have prepared for you. The subject will continue to be updated continuously before and after the official opening.

Warning: You can translate the Turkish content you encounter via google translate.
It will be enough to send a PM to HERMES in order to get English talking support in the game.


⭐ Overall Game Guide ⭐

Blessed Upgrade Scroll Farm Slots,
Click Here
What is the Jewelry Mission System? Click Here
What Are Repeatable Tasks I Will Experience Do? Click Here
What Can I Get From Delos? Click Here
What Are Broken Item Drops? Click Here
What is Clan Bank How Do I Use It? Click Here
What are the starting items that I will just start the game with? Click Here
Upgrade Rates Wondering? Click Here
What Are The Current Haze Items? What are the prices? Click Here
What Are Atilla Coordinates? Click Here
What are the Periods of Boss Watches? Click Here
Is Skill Status Free? Click Here
I Want To Buy TL From Which Site Will I Get It? Click Here
What are PREMIUM Features and Gifts? Click Here

Click Here to view the Game Guide fully.

⭐ Database Information ⭐

v.1098 MYKO
Level Cap 65, %100
Experience difficulty moderate level, Item gain is high in difficulty.
Master task is active.
+8 High Class upgrade 2 weeks off. Click here to see the upgrade rates.
War map 'Ronark Land'
Counting Quest system is active. You can level up more quickly by following the missions. Click here to see the tasks.
Trade and Merchant level limit 10
Colony Zone Pass Level 35, Eslant Pass Level 60
Elmorad Castle, Luferson Castle Pass Level 10
The minimum limit for selling items with Merchant Cash is 2500 Cash
Player limit 10,000 people
Iron Necklace, Iron Belt and Chitin Shield drops are disabled. (It can be brought by voting in the future)

⭐ Important Extensions in Our DeathKO Server ⭐

Mixed ESLANT (Human & Karus)
OSKO New Year Event
New Reconnect, Auto Party and Market System
Character Rebirth System (Rebirth Pressing 70 / 1-5 LVL)
New Exceptional Items (Crafting) System
User Blocking feature.
New TITAN WAR event.
O-L-D-S-C-H-K Letter mission.
New 1 VS 1 Challenge.
Event map voting system
Max Nova Range Limit
Mini Chaos Stone
Buy Merchant system
Monster Stone
Clan Bank
Offline Merchant
Reset skill / stat shortcut to U and K tabs.
In-game Party Talk System
Rebirth System (Low, Middle, High Class items can all be printed.)
Advanced Options Features and Full HD Client
Advanced User Operation Menu
DROP search feature within the game and from the panel
Advanced Genie and Auto Loot system
Extra inventory (Magic Bag)
Multi Client

Details about the add-ons will be added in a very short time.

⭐ General Server Information and Features ⭐

You can instantly change your Game and Graphics settings by pressing the 'F10' key in the game.
Mini Chaos Stone has been added. Click for detailed info.
There are bosses called Christmas Tree in the Ronark Land Bowl area. It can respawn every 20 minutes and can only be cut with 'R' damage. (Drops have 20% Random Cash Voucher and Green and Blue Treasure Chest.)
Chaos Stone will respawn randomly for an average of 1 to 3 Hours.
Collection Race Event and Colony Zone 150 Kill mission rewards are determined as Random Item. Click here to see random items.
For detailed information about Death Knight Skull (Medal System), click here.
There is no LR handcut event on our server.
Bosses have original drops. RonarkLand boss drops will not be random.
There will be no Drop Rate Scroll on our DeathKO server.
Isiloon is active from day one. It respawn randomly between 8-11 hours after cutting.
You will perform your transactions in the game through the 'HEMES' npc in moradon.
You can get a medium level Cash Voucher and Green Treasure Chest from the enemy race npc in Lunar War.
Certain levels have been charged for the upgrade system. Click here to see pricing.
Side character banks have been combined and you will be able to switch to your side character instantly with the Select character feature.
Users who are afflicted for more than 3 minutes in event maps will be automatically disqualified from the map.
When you are DC, you will be able to reconnect to the game instantly without exiting the game. At the same time, if you enter the game within 5 minutes, you will receive an automatic invitation from the party you stayed.
+1 Horn Crossbow [Weapon Merchant] Removed from NPC. Now it can only be dropped from Ash Knight and Lamia Family.
Female Mage character is active.
1-time racial change for accounts has been made free of charge.
(Upgrade Item) is last (+10) active for jewelry. Upgrade can be activated at future dates (+12).

Required NP rates for Clan grade were updated.
Grade 1: 500,000 National Points
Grade 2: 300,000 National Points
Grade 3: 200,000 National Points
Grade 4: 32,000 National Points

⭐Important Dates⭐

70 Cap: 29 January 2021
70 Quest Mission: February 26, 2021
F.Temple: 29 January 2021
Bi-Frost: February 12, 2021
4 PS5 (PlayStation) Rewards: February 1, 2021 (2nd month left np's are reset and the same reward system starts again)
1V1 - 2V2- 8V8 Vs Tournament Registration: 15 January 2021
+8 High Class, +5 Rebirth Upgrade: 15 January 2021

⭐ In-Game Reward System⭐

Castle Siege War with 1500 TL Reward Every Wednesday
Castle Siege War with 3x Isiloon Rewards every Sunday
200 OB gifts to players who become King in weekly elections. (It is obligatory to distribute these balances to the players through Events)
Lunar War is active from the first week (1200 Cash is automatically credited to the account of players who kill Keeper and 700 Cash to the account of players who kill Warder.)
Temporary PUS gifts to everyone who is online every Friday at 22:00.
Users ranking in the top 50 in the overall ranking will be eligible for a performance award for the next server.

Right NPs will be reset every Friday at 23:59. OB will be gifted to the 4th Job 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the week.

150 OB Balance 150 OB Balance 150 OB Balance 150 OB Balance
100 OB Balance 100 OB Balance 100 OB Balance 100 OB Balance
75 OB Balance 75 OB Balance 75 OB Balance 75 OB Balance

⭐ PUS Products and Purchases ⭐

Premium Features:
Click Here
Products Available in Power up Store: Click here
What is OSKO Balance? Buy (OB): Click Here

⭐ Event Information ⭐

➤ EVENT Information for a start;

● BDW Entry Requirement: 55 - 72 Level - 500 NP Limit
● Chaos War Entry Requirement: 55 - 72 Level - 500 NP Limit
● TITAN War Entry Requirement: 55 - 72 Level - 500 NP Limit

➤ Chaos War Reward Information:
● For 1st Place User (Chaos Emblem + Green Treasure Chest +700 KC + 1500 NP + Event Coin) (Emblem duration is 3 hours)
● For 2nd and 3rd place users (Red Treasure Chest +350 KC + Chaos Emblem + 1000 NP + Event Coin)
● 4th 5th place users (Red Treasure Chest +100 KC + Chaos Emblem + 500 NP)

➤ BDW Award Information:
● Event Treasure Chest
BDW Emblem + 500 NP + 3M Exp + 1M Coins + 2x Event Coin

These specified prize and entry conditions will be valid for the start. Over time, we will make changes and make the necessary announcements.

Active Events;
▶ Chaos WAR ▶ Bi-Frost
▶ Ardream Zone ▶ Border Defance War
▶ Collection Race Event ▶ Juraid Mountain
▶ Castle Siege War ▶ Lunar War
▶ Forgetten Temple Event ▶ Titan War

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1-) What is Level Cap on your server?
Answer: In the first place, the maximum limit you can reach is 65.

2-) When will the server be opened?
Answer: It will open officially on January 01, 2021 - 22:00(GMT+3).

3-) Do I need to be registered in order to enter the game? Where will I be a member?
Answer: You can login with Auto Membership or become a member from the panel.
Click to Register

4) Input the server from Turkey and Foreign Regional Provided he can?
Answer: Yes, you will be able to log in smoothly as we are the Global MYKO Platform.

5-) I want to download the client, where can I download it?
Click here to download DeathKO Client

6-) What is the event between OB Balance and Knight Cash?
Answer: OB Balance is used for some important PUS items. It can only be purchased through our Official Sales Dealer, OYUNFOR. You can purchase Knight Cash from events in the game or from our players for Coins.

7-) What are the Premium Gifts and Features?
Click here to view Premium Features and gifts.

8 -) Which operating systems can the client login?
Answer: You will be able to log in seamlessly with all operating systems including the Windows 7 operating system.

9-) What do you sell as Power Up Store Items?
Click here for the prices of Power Up Store Items and Power Up Store items sold.

10-) I purchased a Premium or Any Power Up Store item. Do I need to break it?
Answer: You have to use Hemes NPC in Moradon to break items such as Extra Invertory, Genie, Premium that you bought from the Power UP Store.

11-) What are your Counting and Repeatable Tasks?
Answer: We have many Repeatable & Counting Tasks available =>
Click here to access.

12-) Why Should I Choose You?
Answer: We aim to offer you Knight Online Game in the best way and with the best service. We hope to give you the excitement of those old memories and adventures. It is time to bring together the special files and software that our team has been working on and developed for a long time. You will leave behind the days you played before, did not get support and encountered problems. We will serve you professionally with the 3 Languages Foreign Supported GameMaster team. Our aim is to revive these good memories with a global server as in 2004-2005. We have planted the seeds of a well-established server with our professional Turkish and foreign business partners.
I believe that we have reached a large audience and created a quality Game Concept with our quality Sponsors and Advertising Team. You can be sure that we will offer you with great support.

13-) Is It Difficult To Open Master On Your Official Server Is It Easy?
Answer: We have many Master Material Quests and Bosses specific to the Colony Zone Map. It will be neither too easy nor too difficult.

14-) I Think About Starting Your Official Server. What Are Your Start Items?
Answer: Your Start Items have been adjusted in accordance with MYKO.
Click here for a detailed look.